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About Us

Our company; It continues its activities, which started as a retail store in 1997, as a children's clothing manufacturer with the brand LOVETTİ as of 2010. At the point reached with the aim of sustainable quality understanding and production for daily needs groups, a closed area of ​​4000m2 - a monthly production capacity of 250,000 pieces has been reached. It expands its customer portfolio with its unique designs and patterns in Badi, Tights, Shorts and Dress groups, and offers its products for sale with constantly renewed models.

In the nine years since the establishment of our company, our contribution to employment has been increasing day by day. Today, we continue our work with a team of 50 people. However, when we take our business partners into account, I can say that our contribution to employment has reached much more than this number. We are walking towards a common future in order to become a company that marks the growing export of our country day by day. We are making technological investments that will achieve the best quality with our principle of never compromising on quality in production. In order to keep our quality above a certain standard, we carry out many steps of production within our company. In this context, we are taking steps to minimize our dependence on contract manufacturing.

In summary, Lovetti; In the medium and long term, with the power it has gained from its 25 years of experience and knowledge in the baby and children's clothing sector; It aims to become a global brand with 100% domestic capital by adding added value to the potential of its geography, and to become a world brand with 100% domestic capital. It offers its products with 60 or more deep color options to the final consumer.
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